FY2019 Applications Received

The Public Comment period for applications is September 12, 2018 - October 26, 2018. Notice of Public Comment Period

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Application #

Project Title


Project Type

Funding Request

WPF1900" Verde River-Oak Creek Confluence Habitat Improvement Project Friends of the Verde River Capital $292,451.00
WPF1901" Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area Invasive Species, Fire and Erosion Mitigation Project City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department Capital $150,000.00
WPF1902" Davis Cattle Co. Grassland Restoration Arizona Association of Conservation Districts Capital $341,626.00
WPF1903" Gila Valley Irrigation District Canal Improvement Project Phase I Gila Valley Irrigation District Capital $193,212.50
WPF1904" Gila Valley Irrigation District Rapid Appraisal for Modernization Gila Valley Irrigation District Capital $63,932.50
WPF1905" Do Native Fish Facilitate the Persistence of Endangered Spikedace by Resuspending Food Particles Arizona Board of Regents Research $32,496.00
WPF1906" El Rio Preserve Riparian Restoration Project Town of Marana Capital $191,813.00
WPF1907" Bill Williams Mountain Forest and Watershed Restoration Project National Forest Foundation Capital $315,000.00
WPF1908" Granite Creek Corridor Enhancement Master Plan City of Prescott Capital $79,401.00
WPF1909" Post Kearny Fuels Re-vegetation of Gila River Riparian Area Wikelman Natural Resources Conservation District Capital $75,667.00
WPF1910" Long-term Management of Invasive Vinca in Aravaipa Canyon Sky Island Alliance Capital $101,635.00
WPF1911" Protecting and Restoring Habitat and Surface Flow to Lower Sabino Creek, a Critical Shallow Groundwater Area Watershed Management Group Capital $312,922.00
WPF1912" Little Colorado River Valley Conservation Area Restoration Project Landsward Foundation Capital $300,912.00
WPF1913" Paria Beach Riparian Restoration at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lees Ferry, AZ Grand Canyon Wildlands Council Capital $252,221.00
WPF1914" Headwater Stream Restoration: Coyote Springs, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff Museum of Northern Arizona/Springs Stewardship Capital $31,996.00
WPF1915" American Gulch Channel and Riparian Enhancement Town of Payson Capital $202,556.00
WPF1916" Kirkland Creek Flood & Erosion Mitigation Project Triangle Natural Resource Conservation District Capital $141,750.00



Babocomari River Restoration Project The Nature Conservancy Capital $113,009.00
WPF1918" Pinetop-Lakeside Aquatic Wildlife Enhancement Project Arizona Game and Fish Department Capital $210,000.00
WPF1919" Webber Creek Sediment Control Project Boy Scouts of America - Grand Canyon Council Capital $271,057.00
WPF1920" Harrenburg Wash Enhancement Project Coconino County Parks and Recreation Capital $133,098.00
WPF1921" Little Colorado Watershed Improvement Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management Capital $317,170.00
WPF1922" Rainbow Lake Nutrient Control Little Colorado River Plateau RC&D Area, Inc. Capital $50,000.00